alternatives to foot amputation get an ankle foot othosis brace

An AFO brace is an excellent option to treat a variety of conditions that can affect the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The foot, ankle, and lower leg can be subject to a number of deformities or defects that can lead to serious complications, such complications as muscle weakness, poor circulation, and mobility difficulties. When the complications are severe to the point that the quality of life of the afflicted person is in jeopardy, doctors may consider amputating the lower leg and fitting the patient with a prosthetic device. All possible alternatives should be considered before such a drastic measure as an amputation is taken, and the ankle foot orthosis brace (commonly referred to as an AFO) is a proven method of treating some foot and ankle related problems.
An (AFO) is a plastic device that runs the length of the lower leg and curves to provide support to the base of the foot. Unlike a traditional orthosis, the design of the AFO features a joint, which allows for natural movement of the ankle, both to provide comfort to the wearer and provide the wearer with the opportunity to re-learn the movements of walking. Muscles quickly atrophy when they have not been used for a while, so this is an essential aspect of the healing process. Additionally, an ankle foot orthosis brace can help straighten muscle and tissue, and support weak bones so that the wearer can still enjoy a degree of mobility in daily life. An ankle foot orthosis brace is also a cost-effective option that a patient may want to consider, with the average brace costing between $500 and $700, and covered by Medicare and most insurance providers.
In instances where the bone of the lower leg is severely deformed, the ankle foot orthosis brace will most likely not actually alter the bone structure, but what it can accomplish is to change the neuromuscular patterns of the lower leg, in order to provide muscular support to the areas of the leg that would need to be supported in order for it to function properly. The ankle foot orthosis brace is a viable option for a patient and doctor to consider for certain afflictions of the foot and ankle and can improve the quality of life for the patient. The use of ankle foot orthosis braces are increasing at a rapid pace, with the right technology AFOs could be further developed to treat an even wider range of conditions.